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The European East-West Academy for Culture and the Media (EOWA) initiates and organizes projects which are both interdisciplinary and cross national in the fields of art and culture. It wants to create the conditions for those working in the media and in culture in Eastern and Western Europe, mainly from the fields of theatre, literature, the Fine Arts, music, film, the media, design and communication, to get to know each other within the working process and further their knowledge.

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The aim of the European East-West Academy for Culture and the Media is to establish a stable and supportive network, through which ideas, experience and perspectives can be made accessible and known to a wider public in Eastern and Western Europe. The European East-West Academy offers interdisciplinary “cultural workshops” for artists as well as for up-and-coming talents from Eastern and Western Europe, in which experimental projects can be developed in unison.

Interdisciplinary as method, the crossover of various directions in art and culture is part of the projects’ profile. The academy seeks new kinds of interfaces between apparently un-related fields. For just as frequently as art crosses national borders, artists are increasingly influenced in their work by other areas of life – and vice versa.

Two dimensions of cultural exchange are opened at the same time through encounters between sculptors and city planners, set designers and engineers, performers and advertising experts, writers of literature and managers, etc.: the East-West perspective and just as importantly the meeting of differing areas of art and life.

In order to make new perspectives on the perception of art and culture in East and West possible and to operate in a flexible way, the academy is concentrating on decentralised venues in Eastern and Western Europe and to this end is entering into partnerships with a network character in Eastern and Western Europe.

East and West are growing together. Yet, even in the course of a changing Europe, in which the conflict lines by now run also from North to South, fixed ways of thinking, prejudices and ignorance hinder a common European cultural self-understanding. The European East-West Academy wishes to be a motor for culture and the media in order to promote mutual knowledge and encourage communal work processes. The academy wants to bring together art and culture in Eastern and Western Europe.


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